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Introduction This government is all about security. Security is also what drives the social reform that I want this government to undertake in my second term.


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Second, when we know the importance not just acquiring knowledge, but also developing character and resilience there can be no let-up in our mission to create an education system that is genuinely fit for the 21st century. Those with no savings at all have dameron buffer — no shock absorber — for when unexpected events hit. Alcoholism and drug addiction can happen to anyone. Character — persistence — is core to success.

And we need to fameron precisely why. For instance, the pioneering research that shows us why some children from poor families can climb right to the top while others seem condemned almost from birth to a life of struggle and stress. One study found that by the age of 3, some toddlers might have heard 30 million more words in their home environment than others.

This would help prevent those in different ethnic and religious communities living "separate lives" in many towns and cities. And the of people who suffer from poor mental health is larger than you might think. Both Indonesia and Malaysia are trying to confront Islamist extremism.

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This is already improving talking therapy services for children across the country. NCS is becoming a rite of passage for teenagers all over Britain, helping them mix with people from different backgrounds and learn to work together — pushing themselves further than they ever thought possible. Yoinger there are 4 vital, social insights that I believe must anchor our plan for extending life chances. But in most things it's not about age.

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And we need to take steps to encourage all new parents to build a strong network, just as brilliant organisations like Family Action or NCT already do for some parents. Frankly, it was built around a patronising view that people in poverty needed simply to be pitied and managed, instead of actually helped to break free. For instance, Indonesia is the world's fourth most populous country, with an economy roughly the same size as Britain's.

The work that active, demanding parents do is fantastic — passing on life-enriching experiences to their children, and rightly being unapologetic about helping them get ahead.

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I believe the creation of those vital safety nets was one of the outstanding achievements of post-war Britain. Introduction This government is all about security. We should encourage the growth of high-quality courses that help with all aspects of becoming a great mum or a great dad. He also floated plans to bring more uniformity to the "confusing range of ages" at which young people can buy cigarettes and alcohol, get marriedvote and carry out a range of other activities, in order to simplify the transition to adulthood.

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Last week, Mr Cameron said Britain needed to go "to the ends of the earth" to sell its wares. And culture should never be a privilege; it is a birth right that belongs to us all.

Work experience for schoolchildren can be a transformative opportunity. Sometimes we can make politics sound very complicated, but for me it all comes back to a simple ambition. But when we know more as we do now, mmale how addiction works, how it changes your brain structure and brain chemistry, how some people are genetically more susceptible, how stress and depression can make you more likely to develop a problem, we can understand why this is so difficult.

But it deals with one particular part of parenting — the first few aeeking and months. They focused on the economics, and ignored the social.

Differences between older and younger cancer survivors in seeking cancer information and using complementary/alternative medicine

The more sseking children heard, the higher their IQ, and the better they did in school down the track. Children in families that break apart are more than twice as likely to experience poverty as those whose families stay together. Not just continuing to reduce youth unemployment, getting more people to university and reducing the scourge of discrimination. There is also the opportunity younher culture. First, when neuroscience shows us the pivotal importance of the first few years of life in determining the adults we become, we must think much more radically about improving family life and the early years.

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It is utterly cutting edge — because it takes real notice of the great advances in our understanding of the last few decades. They are a welfare, education and counselling system all wrapped up into one.

I believe the free market has been, by far, the best tool ever invented for generating prosperity and improving living standards. Defence and education are areas British business is pushing seeknig. In Britain, born in a poor area will die an average of 9 years earlier than their peers. Let me give you a few examples.

But the truth is there are too many young people in Britain who are culturally disenfranchised. And I support the welfare state. We have got to get this right.

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